Below are publications , videos, and podcasts in which our team members shared their expertise on reputable content sources.

Why your API may be a better investment than your App

Startups and Venture Capital published this article by Jim Heising regarding the business needs of prioritizing an API to open your business to a wider range of opportunities.

Building APIs is Product Management

In an interview with This Is Product Management, Jeremy Glassenberg discusses how to apply Product process when implementing your first API.

How to incorporate user feedback for B2B products

Huffington Post interview on working closely with Sales and customers in B2B SaaS.

What I’ve Learned… with Jeremy Glassenberg, a framework to manage app marketplaces, hosts an interview on common pitfalls to avoid when building your developer community.

Third-Party Software Integration: Best Practice, Perils and Pitfalls

Mind The Product interviews many platform experts, including Jeremy Glassenberg on the need to focus on your customer, and properly manage the relationship with a large partner.

Why you need to learn how to code as a Product Manager

FlowCap discussing how technical a Product Manager really needs to be.

REST API, ProgrammableWeb, and Curl

Salesforce follows up on one of our ProgrammableWeb articles, where we are first to report on their REST API launch